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We welcome all youth from Year 6-12 who are passionate about learning music and how to collaboratively be part of a band.





FOR MORE INFO EMAIL US oneheartsydney@gmail.com

Group Class Available

• Keyboard

• Drums

• Acoustic Guitar

• Bass Guitar

• Electric Guitar

• Vocal



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7 Maxim St West Ryde

2024 TERM 1


Sat 6th April 2024

Hello everyone!! We wanted to thank all the parents and students again for an amazing Term 1!

Just a reminder that the registrations for Term 2 are open. We will be closing registrations on the 27th of April, so if your kids wish to come back for the next term, please remember to register before it closes.

Here is the link to the registration form:


The dates for Term 2 are 4th of May ~ 6th of July.

And here are the YouTube links for the videos we showed last Saturday during our live performance





We will be uploading more announcements on our website in regards to Term 2 details, as well as sending emails to those who register, so please keep an eye out.

Hope to see you again for Term 2!!

Sat 30th March 2024

Hi parents!!

This Saturday is our last class for Term 1. As announced earlier in the term, we will be having a small performance from some of the kids and the teachers this Saturday. The class will start at normal time from 3pm, but the performance will start at 4pm. So we would like to invite all the parents to come and watch from 4pm, and stay for some afternoon tea at the end.

If you could let us know how many people would be attending for catering purposes, that would be very helpful!

Also, just another reminder that the registration for Term 2 is now open, so please register your kids if they wish to continue.

Thank you all for your support and hope to see you all Saturday at 4pm!!

Here is the link to the registration form:


Sat 23rd March 2024

Hello parents! Next week is last week of Term 1. Time has gone by really quick!

Next week’s session will probably be a little different in the way we run the class, but the times will still be the same. We will upload the times and schedule for next week as soon as we finalise the details.

For Term 2, we will be opening registrations for our Term 1 kids first, before opening the registrations to the public. If your kid wishes to come back to Term 2, then please make sure you register quickly before spots are taken.

Here is the link to the registration form:


If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to email us to oneheartmusicschool@gmail.com

Also, if you child can’t make it to this week’s session due to Easter Saturday, please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you!!

Sat 16th March 2024

Sat 16th March 2024

Hello parents~

We now have three weeks left until Term 1 finishes.

Hope your kids have been enjoying the classes so far!

We started our first band practice last week and the kids sounded amazing for their first time playing as a band. The song they’ve been practicing is the song called ‘Happy Day’ and ‘Man of Sorrow.’ The kids will know which song to practice, but please encourage your kids to continue to listen to the songs so they can become more familiar with them.

We will be doing more band practices this week so that the kids can have the experience with playing with other instruments.

Also, if you have any questions regarding the Music School, please don’t hesitate to email us to:


Thank you again for your constant support and see you all this Saturday.

Sat 2nd March 2024

Hello parents~ we are now officially half way through the term!

The kids have started to learn some new songs last week and have been doing a great job! But as we mentioned last week, because these songs are new to the kids, it would be very helpful if the parents can encourage the kids to listen to these songs as much as possible. It does make a huge difference for the kids when they are familiar with the songs.

There are a total of four songs we will be sharing with the kids. The teachers haven been allocating different songs to each instrument, but the kids should know which ones they have been learning.

Here are the songs (click to open YouTube) :

Tim Hughes - Happy Day

Hillsong - Desert Song

Hillsong - Praise the Name

Hillsong - Man of Sorrows

Sat 24th Feb 2024

Hello parents~

We are already nearly half way through for Term 1 of Music School! Thank you all for your amazing support for the kids throughout these past few weeks.

We will be sharing new songs to practice for your kids from this coming Saturday, so that they can start using their newly learned skills to play full songs.

We have found in the past that students perform much better if they are familiar with the songs. So it would be great help if the parents could encourage and remind the kids to listen to the songs often.

We will be sharing the songs through our website as well, so please feel free to have a listen and to also share them with your kids.

Thank you!

Sat 17th Feb 2024

Hello parents!

Just a little announcement for upcoming weeks of music school.

This Saturday, our teachers will be choosing the best students from each instrument to form a band. They will be receiving songs to practice until the end of term for our final showcase at the end of term.

Please understand if your child does not get chosen, does not mean that your child is not good but rather not yet ready to be a part of a bigger band. There will be more opportunities in the near future for your child to join a band so please encourage your child to keep practicing throughout the week. For the remaining children who are not in the band, they will be continuing to learn and practice basic skills and songs until the end of term.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sat 10th Feb 2024

We had our first class last week, with orientation and welcoming new students to Term 1. Seeing as it was our first class, the teachers conducted their own level test with the students during the session. This was to help the teachers to know how well the students can play their chosen instruments. With this level test, we will be able to pick our best students for each instrument, and hopefully form a band that can perform a song at the end of the term.

Some important reminders:

  • Please bring your own water bottles.
  • Please bring folders to put music sheets in.
  • Please bring any equipment needed for your instruments (earphones, drumsticks, guitars, guitar picks)
  • Our last class will be on the 6th of April.